Carrying homeowners insurance is one of the things one must do when owning a home. But typically, no one really pays attention to the fine print unless there is a claim. Finding out that your insurance won’t cover roof damage repair or replacement is a nightmare you don’t want to experience. On the other hand, taking care of your roof will ensure your family’s safety and may even help you save on insurance premiums. In this post, Roofing & More, Inc. discusses some roof-related factors that affect insurance cost.


Newer roofs often mean lower premiums. This is because insurance companies assume that newer roofs are less risky, with no pre-existing damage that will result in a claim. On the other hand, older roofs are prone to damage and may soon require a major repair or replacement.


Insurance providers may require you to do home improvement and periodic maintenance on your roof to ensure its integrity. A leaky roof is more hazardous to occupants, especially if a natural disaster strikes. If you delay small repairs, you might just have trouble filing a claim later on when a bigger problem arises.  However, by replacing or maintaining your roof's condition, insurance premiums might be a lot less. Home


In snowy and wet climates, premiums can be considerably higher than for homes in drier locations. A roof in poor condition might not be able to withstand storms and winter weather conditions, resulting in more serious damage. However, your homeowner’s insurance company expects you to properly maintain your roof so it can withstand disasters, and failure to do so can mean trouble filing a claim.

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