No matter what type of work is being done on or in your home, one of the biggest concerns we hear from customers or family and friends is this: how can I ensure my home is protected during the project? Making the repair or finishing a renovation in a timely manner with skilled roofing contractors and quality products means that you’re getting what you’ve agreed upon, but what about what is overlooked elsewhere?

The damage that can be done to your home depends on the work being completed, but here are some general considerations to take into account before your next project, and how you can prepare:

  • Vibrations. Most larger construction projects require an amount of hammering or pounding that can create vibrations throughout your home. Though the nails and anchors that secure your artwork and mirrors to the walls may protect your valuables from everyday activities, they may not hold up against power tools and repeated hammering that can shake your walls. The same goes for important items that you keep on shelving. Your best option is to remove these items prior to the roofing contractors arriving and don’t simply lean them up against a wall. 
  • The exterior. Of course, not all valuables and sentimental items are located inside the home. If you have made an investment in your landscaping, or even have a smaller garden that you planted with your children, you’ll want to be sure your plants are kept intact. We like to ask our clients to point out any areas to be extra cautious around, but not all contractors will. It’s always a good idea to communicate where these areas are before work begins. If you have lawn decorations, flags, gazing balls and benches, you may want to move them, or be sure the contractor will. 
  • Flooring. Your floors are one of the areas most susceptible to damage from work being done inside your home. With workers moving in and out of your home constantly, and tools and materials traveling with them, you’ll want to be sure protection is put in place to prevent scratches to your nice hardwood or dirt tracked on your freshly cleaned carpet. 
  • Visitors. It’s not only important to protect your home during the job, but also the people who visit. With so many delivery services and online retailers, most homeowners receive a few packages a week. Prevent injuries and accidents by making sure there are cones and caution tape around any “danger zones” on your property.  

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