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offers a wide range of sliding doors, including high-quality options from ProVia®. Designed to impart a “picture frame” look to sashes on Endure™ vinyl patio doors, ProVia’s FineLine™ Technology produces straight and clean weld lines. This results in an enhanced fit and finish, providing patio doors with a professional-class appearance.

FineLine Technology comes standard on all Endure patio doors with laminated extrusions, with the option to upgrade to beige, sandstone and white vinyl. Doors made with the technology meet or exceed all industry requirements set for durability and strength.

What Sets ProVia® FineLine™ Technology Apart

In the U.S. market, manufacturers mainly use a traditional welding process to connect corners for vinyl patio doors. This creates a wide joint which must be cleaned and touched up before a door can be made available to customers. With FineLine Technology, ProVia is able to enhance how finished corners appear, all while doing away with secondary processes. This results not only in a neat, seamless-looking door, but also a more streamlined manufacturing process.

Roofing & More is proud to carry ProVia door products because they perform well for our customers in Alexandria, Fairfax, McLean and surrounding NoVa communities. In fact, we offer a 10-year unconditional and unlimited guarantee on every ProVia door we install. Should you have a problem with any ProVia door within the first 10 years of installation, we’ll fix it for free.

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