Living in a home and living in a condo are quite different when it comes to maintenance. While responsibilities related to maintaining a home are straightforward, the same can’t always be said for condo living because of rules and regulations in place. A homeowner is responsible for calling a roofing company when dealing with damage to their roof. For a condo owner, however, the responsibility is not always clear-cut.

Condo Association Responsibility

Depending on the rules (called covenants, conditions and restrictions, or CC&Rs) governing a condo association, a condo owner may be responsible for damage on the part of the building’s roof directly over their unit, or the condo association may be tasked with taking care of the entire property’s roofing system. It’s likelier for the latter to be the case. While the condo association may responsible for contacting a roofing contractor to have roofing work carried out, costs for repairing, replacing and maintaining the condo’s roof are covered by association fees paid by the residents. 

How Condo Association Fees Pay for Roofing Issues

Commercial roofing projects can be significant investments so it’s common for condo associations to set aside funds in advance, with the preemptive budget set determining how much you pay in condo fees. Should reserves be insufficient to pay for roofing repairs or replacement, it’s typical for the condo association to increase monthly dues in an effort to catch up and create a buffer. 

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