One of the questions we often get asked when planning a replacement project with a homeowner is whether insulation should be removed prior to roof replacement. In this blog, we explain our answer.

Situations That Require Insulation Removal

During a typical asphalt shingle roof replacement project, the roofing contractor will remove the old roofing down to the roof deck. The roof deck will then be inspected for moisture damage or other structural issues. If the roof deck is found to be in good condition and/or if this is the second time the roof deck will be used for a roof installation, then the roof deck stays, and any roof insulation along with it.

If the roof deck requires repairs, then the insulation may have to be partially removed and replaced. Note that homes with unfinished attics do not have roof insulation, but rather have attic insulation lining the attic floor, and therefore would not be affected by roof deck removal.

Roof and attic insulation are vulnerable to moisture damage. When insulation comes into contact with water—from roof leaks or high attic humidity, for example—it forms clumps that negatively affect its ability to block heat. Not replacing it will be detrimental to your roof’s energy performance, resulting in higher heating and cooling costs as well as potential structural damage caused by temperature changes.

Proper Roof Maintenance Can Save on Insulation Costs

Keeping up with your roof’s routine maintenance helps keep an eye on possible moisture damage. Small leaks are easier to address and cost much less to repair. Minor insulation damage can be spot-repaired, which costs a fraction of removing and replacing all of the insulation.

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