Siding comes in a wide variety of materials, including wood, vinyl and fiber cement. Some homeowners love stone veneer as well. In considering this kind of material for your home’s exterior, it is important to think about the color of grout to be used. Grout doesn’t just hold the stone together, it can also complement various materials and the overall look of the home.

ProVia®, a well-known manufacturer of home improvement products, recently launched a Grout Visualizer app. Local roof replacement contractor Roofing & More, Inc. takes a closer look at it in today’s blog post.

About the App

The Grout Visualizer app from ProVia is an easy way to mix and match stone veneer styles with various grout options. The app is downloadable on both PC and mobile. With this tool, you can find that distinct look for your home’s exterior. Start by selecting the stone style or color palette for your exterior siding. Then choose any of the trending grout colors like black, brown, gray or buff. Click on any of these colors to determine if they match well with your previously selected stone design. You can even magnify your choices to enhance their details. Once you’re satisfied with your choice, you can turn to Roofing & More's siding and roofing pros for the next steps.

Stone Veneer Options

If manufactured stone veneer is your choice for your next home improvement project, ProVia offers a wide variety of stone options, including Chisel Cut™, which offers natural texture combined with a chiseled form to create a highly complementary stone that looks great when grouted. Terra Cut™ is a ProVia exclusive embodying the look of weatherworn, coarse-grained and coral-style stones.

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