As many of our customers know, Roofing & More, Inc. is a local, family-owned company that was founded with a focus on respect and a deep commitment to providing our neighbors with quality, affordable home improvements. Together with a team of highly experienced and dedicated employees, we make it our priority to exceed the expectations of every homeowner, making the

home improvement

project an enjoyable experience every time.

Treating Every Home as if It Were Our Own

Part of exceeding expectations means sticking to the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” As the founder, owner and president, to me, this means treating every customer with respect as I would want to be treated and protecting every home as if it were my own. It also means following through on promises. Our customers tell us that is what sets us apart from many other roofing companies.

This testimony from one of our customers, Ross Morgan, reflects why the Golden Rule matters so much: “What a fantastic company! Struggling to get my house ready for sale, I had several things to have repaired and little time to do so. I cannot count the number of contractors that did not return calls, never followed through on appointments, etc. Roofing & More was the only company that responded promptly, was pleasant to deal with and did what they said they would do!”

Most of us are on a busy schedule and have little time to deal with the run-around that is all too often involved with making big decisions. When we are on the other side of this situation, providing for the customer, we must remember that their time and money is just as valuable as our own. I tell our team to imagine if the roles were reversed – would we accept unreturned calls or substandard service on our home?

Expect More From Roofing & More

When you are providing a service and expect good communication and cooperation from the customer, it is your responsibility to lead the way. Our strong desire is that our customers feel we do this effectively, and are happy with every aspect of their Roofing & More experience. Call us at (855) 400-9644 or complete our

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to schedule a free home assessment and estimate. We serve homeowners throughout Arlington, Herndon, Chantilly and many other Northern Virginia communities.