Replacing your existing roofing system is a great investment -- but it has earned quite a reputation for being messy. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to reduce this inconvenience. Local

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Roofing & More, Inc. shares the following tips on how you can minimize the mess of a roof replacement project.

Find Out How a Contractor Protects Your Property

Before deciding on which contractor to hire, learn about how a prospective company plans to protect your property. At Roofing & More, we carefully stretch tarps over flowers, shrubs and delicate landscaping so they are not harmed by falling debris or crushed under the weight of a tarp. We also follow a step-by-step procedure to keep stray nails from coming in contact with people and pets.

Remove Breakables Before the Crew Arrives

A roofing project will involve a lot of activity around the outside of your home. Before the crew arrives on the first day of the project, be sure to remove lawn ornaments, patio furniture and other valuables that could be easily damaged. While at Roofing & More, we take great care to provide expert installation of a new roof without causing any type of damage, precautions are necessary.

Secure Hanging Items Inside Your Home

Pay close attention to your interior as well. The banging and vibration that results from roof replacement can cause hanging items to fall from walls, so secure those fragile items in your kitchen cabinets and remove valuable wall hangings to prevent breakage. Also, dust may settle on the objects in your attic. Cover valuable items with tarps or plastic sheets in advance.

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