Made to look like wood without the maintenance, vinyl siding is popular with many homeowners. It comes in a range of styles and colors, allowing homeowners to create endless combinations for an exterior.

In this article, Roofing & More, Inc., a team of professional roofers and siding experts, explores the various styles of vinyl siding that you can choose from.

3 Vinyl Siding Profiles

When creating an overall look for your vinyl siding, you should start by choosing from three profiles: vertical, horizontal and shake. Vertical and horizontal siding are both popular choices, while shake is a type of siding that resembles the look of  cedar roofing shingles. All three can be manufactured in different textures, lengths and thicknesses, causing their prices to vary accordingly.4

3 Styles of Vinyl Siding

For horizontal siding, common style options include the following:

  1. Traditional Lap - It utilizes long, broad planks that overlap one another. Each piece of lap siding features a wedge-shaped profile with a narrower edge at the top.

  2. Dutch Lap - Boards are still designed to overlap, but they usually have a sharper and steeper profile angle. This creates troughs between the overlapping boards, which give this style its distinct look.

  3. Beaded - It has a rounded groove or notch that runs along the bottom, creating a unique shadow line.

Vertical siding is often used for nonresidential structures like barns and tool sheds, but homes can utilize this type of siding as well. It’s usually made in a board-and-batten style, which uses a long, flat piece of metal or wood to attach the boards to the home.

Lastly, shake siding can be sourced in two different styles: shakes and scalloped. Shakes typically imitate the look of cedar shingles. Meanwhile, half-round or scalloped shakes are commonly seen on gables or historic homes. They’re preferred for these uses because of their charming appeal.

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