A “storm chaser” is an out-of-town roofing broker or roaming roofer who follows storm damage, offering to do repairs at low cost. These guys may not be licensed or properly insured. At best, they’ll do the repairs and be gone, leaving you to deal with any lingering issues. At worst, a rip-off contractor disappears once a deposit is in hand or leaves town before the work is finished. Don’t entrust your most valuable investment to this type of contractor! After a storm, count on Roofing & More – the roofing contractors you know and can trust for quality roof repair in Northern Virginia.

Here’s what you get when you hire a LOCAL, LICENSED roofing contractor:

    • Quality service. Word of mouth travels fast, and local contractors know it. Great contractors like Roofing & More carefully maintain their reputation within the community by treating customers with care and completing quality jobs.
    • Reliable follow-up. Think you’ll be able to track down that out-of-town roofer for help down the road? Not likely. A local contractor will be a hundred times more accessible should follow-up repairs become necessary.

Buy Local

When you hire local and licensed roofing professionals, it contributes to the brand recognition of that company and amplifies to others in the community a high-quality local business that others -- friends, neighbors, family -- can use and trust for their roofing needs as well.

Steps for Homeowners When a Storm Hits

When a storm hits, it’s important to know what to do to best protect your home. Here are some homeowner tips we recommend when powerful storms pass through our area.

Call Your Roofer

If your roof was installed while you have lived in your home, then call the roofer that installed your roof. That roofer understands your roof and should be happy to do an inspection. If your roof was not installed since you lived in your home or you are not happy with who installed your roof, then research and find a local, licensed roofer with

good reviews

. Call them and request a free inspection.

Request a Visual Inspection of Your Home

Storm damage can be hard to see and find. For example, hail damage can be very hard to find to the untrained eye. An experienced and quality roofer will look for the hard-to-find signs of storm damage, especially if it is on your roof. Photos and

video of the inspection

can be taken so you can see the damage and not have to get up on your roof yourself.

Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Understand your coverage and how your existing insurance covers storm damage repairs. Call your insurance company for questions about your policy. Be sure and ask your contractor if they are trained and experienced with working with insurance companies. Most local roofers are happy to work with you and your insurance company so any storm damage is addressed.

Don’t Be Rushed Into Making a Decision

Storm damage can be stressful. And it is that stress that storm chasers look for. They use that stress to pressure homeowners into making quick decisions that are not in their best interest. Be sure to contact a local roofer for a free inspection before you make any big decisions.

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There really is no need to settle for an outside contractor when there are experienced local roofing contractors ready to help.

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