can help you save on utility costs and are environmentally-friendly. Look for the ENERGY STAR® rating to find windows with proven quality and energy efficiency.

In this post, we discuss what qualifies replacement windows for the ENERGY STAR rating.

Factors That Determine ENERGY STAR® Compliance

1. U-factor - This refers to the heat transference of a window. Windows with a lower U-factor provide better insulation.

2. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) - It measures how much heat-causing light enters your window. The less SHGC a window has, the less solar heat your home receives.

3. Air Leakage Rating (AL) - It’s the amount of air that passes through the frame and joints, per square foot of window space. A lower AL rating means less air escapes from the window.

Which ENERGY STAR® Windows Are Best?

Climate is what determines the best window type for your home. It’s important to choose the right ENERGY STAR windows as they also affect indoor comfort. Roofing & More can help you create a better home environment with our quality windows and attic insulation.

In northern climates, the best ENERGY STAR certified windows have a low U-factor and higher SGHC. This lets you have proper insulation and make the most of passive solar heat from the windows. Meanwhile, in southern climates, the minimum U-factor should be a little higher, but the SGCH lower. This is to reduce excessive solar heat gain in the home.

Windows and skylights shoudl have an AL rating of not more than 0.3 cubic feet of air for each square foot of window space.

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