Over the past few months, I’ve written several times about the changes we are making at Roofing & More to go

from “good” to “great.”

Though I am the one leading these efforts, it is the employees at Roofing & More who truly know whether these changes have been effective and bettered us as a company. They speak to our clients daily, and have seen our new training and the effects of leadership workshops firsthand. This month, I’m handing the President’s Corner over to Kristina, our Customer Care Specialist, to share her experience at Roofing & More and the changes we have made:

What do you enjoy most about working at Roofing & More?

Even during my initial interview at Roofing & More, I was impressed with the company. I liked that the company is supportive of the employees, their vision and what they stand for, especially when it comes to customer service. There is such a positive atmosphere at work, and it really feels like we are a big family.

How have you seen the company improve over the past year?

Management has been taking action by making lists that identify areas where we can improve, and having meetings to address them. They ask each of us what would make our jobs better, and follow through when we provide them with answers.

Some recent changes have been made to create a better work-life balance – vacation days, updated sick and mental health days, and even rewriting the mission to reflect the new direction of a “great” company.

In what areas do you think Roofing & More can continue to improve?

It’s tough to really say – I already think the changes have been great. The best we can do is continue to monitor and address any problems that occur.

What makes Roofing & More special?

As a whole, the company is very professional and plans are put to action. If any problems arise, they are addressed and not just talked about.

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Thanks, Kristina, for sharing your thoughts about where we have been and where we are headed. I look forward to sharing more feedback from our employees in future President’s Corner columns! To learn more about our company or our services, contact Roofing & More today at [company_number] or complete our convenient

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