Whether you’re a new homeowner or have owned several different homes, you’re constantly learning about new maintenance tasks to keep your property in the best shape. Your house is designed to protect you from the elements and keep you comfortable, but it’s not a lifetime guarantee. Just as your home takes care of you, you must take care of your home. One of these important tasks? Window maintenance.

Questions to Ask

Now that spring is here, so are warmer temperatures and sunlight. As outside temperatures rise and the sun stays out later in the day, your


play an important role for your home – they protect your valuables from sun damage, keep your family safe and help maintain the inside temperature of your home on a hot day. So, how can you tell if your windows are still doing their job, or if it’s time to replace them?

How old is your home?

If your home is 15 years or older and the windows haven’t been replaced, it’s probably time to start looking for signs of aging and wear. Of course, the lifetime of the window depends on the quality of the materials, manufacturer and installation. Check to see if they are still under warranty before placing any orders.

How are your windows performing?



should be benefiting you, not frustrating you. If they are difficult to open and close, are letting too much outside noise into your home or are putting your family in danger because they don’t lock, or are costing you on energy bills, it’s probably worth it to have them replaced.

Are you making repairs too frequently?

How many times have you made repairs to your windows because of frequent leaking or worn weather stripping? Before you make your next repair, consult a professional. You may be spending more money in the long run making frequent repairs that end up causing problems again.

If you aren’t sure how old your windows are, or can’t determine whether they need replacing on your own, contact a local expert you trust. Roofing & More is here to serve you in Northern Virginia. Call us at (703) 828-1620 to learn more about our services and products, or to schedule a free quote.