When it comes to roofing, moisture intrusion is the #1 problem. Excessive moisture can lead to a number of issues which can be a huge inconvenience, and an even bigger drain on your budget. The experts at Roofing & More have the best tips on dealing with moisture and moisture-related problems in your home.

Your Best Line of Defense

As with most home problems, prevention is always better than the cure. That’s why your best defense against roofing issues, whether they’re caused by moisture or another reason, is proper roof maintenance. Roofing & More offers professional maintenance services that cover a wide variety of common issues, from replacing missing shingles to repairing leaks to repairing damaged and clogged gutters.

Problems Caused by Moisture

Your roofing is designed to withstand excessive amounts of runoff and moisture. However, there are certain areas that are more vulnerable to water damage. One of these areas is the intersection between your roof and siding. Water can seep through gaps around your siding material and cause premature rot and decay. If it reaches your drywall or parts of your home where temperatures get high, this will create the perfect environment for mold growth. Water dripping from a misaligned gutter can also stain any surface it comes in contact with, including siding.

Humidity Issues

Most people feel the effects of humidity more than the heat. This is why a high temperature in a humid region like Northern Virginia feels so much hotter than an equal temperature in an arid area such as Arizona. At 20 percent humidity, the fungus that spreads mold thrives. The most susceptible areas in your drywall and even attic insulation.

Controlling leaks and repairing missing or damaged flashing goes a long way in helping control moisture levels and curb the spread of hazardous mold, along with interior damage.

Keeping Your Home Moisture-Free Since 1993

Roofing & More offers roof maintenance services to help you keep the problems caused by moisture at bay. Call us today at [company_number] and get a free in-home consultation and estimate. We serve clients in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and nearby Northern Virginia communities.