Colder weather is here, and even some snow in Northern Virginia. By now, you’re probably already noticing the effects it has on your home – especially if some rooms are colder than others, if it takes longer than usual to heat your home and the worst of all: higher energy bills.

While there are small tricks you can use to mitigate the effects of cold weather on your home (adding space heaters, thicker curtains and rugs), the best way to combat winter may be in the materials it’s built with. Whether you’re in an older home, or just one with cheaper materials, it may be time for an overhaul to improve efficiency.

Common Sources of Heat Loss

Areas of your home that are most likely to be sources of heat loss include windows, doors, siding and insulation. You may be able to tell if your




are drafty, but the best way to identify which are driving up your energy bills is scheduling an energy evaluation from a trusted professional. From there, you’ll know if you need to improve or replace the cause.

The most important thing to remember when choosing new materials for your home is that quality determines longevity. For example, replacing your inefficient windows with the cheapest option means you may need to repeat this process again in just a few years. Work with a company that keeps your budget in mind, but will also talk with you about the best options for your home – not just make the sale.

Choosing Energy-Efficient Options

Look for options that are designed for energy efficiency, or have a reputation for regulating indoor temperatures well. Other good options are those that are designed to hold up against storms – these will often help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you are replacing insulation, pay attention to the R-Value and how much you are using – what is keeping you warm in the winter could cause moisture issues in the summer.

As always, the best thing for your home is to work with a local company that has your best interests in mind, keeping your family warm without overselling or under-providing. For assistance, contact Roofing & More today at [company_number] or complete our convenient form to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation and estimate.