While shingles serve as your roofing system’s main form of protection, they’re not the only roof component standing between the harsh elements and the rest of your home. Underneath shingles lies the underlayment, which is designed to perform a few important functions.

Secondary Weather Protection

Shingles are durable, but there comes a point when even they end up getting damaged or worn. Once a hole in the roof’s surface appears courtesy of a missing shingle, it’s up to the underlayment to repel the effect of strong winds and incoming rain until the roof is repaired.

Water Protection

The main purpose of roofing underlayment is to form a waterproof barrier between the shingles and the roof decking. This way, water that manages to seep through small gaps between shingles or flashing strips is stopped before it has a chance to reach more vulnerable roof components. Because of this function, our roof repair experts consider the integrity of the underlayment essential in preventing roof leaks.

Anti-Corrosion Shield

When debris ends up decaying on the roof, the process of decomposition can release substances that cause corrosion. Also, some roofing materials such as polymers can slowly release chemicals that might affect the integrity of wood roof components. The underlayment acts as a barrier between these components, preventing degradation.

Fire Protection

Underlayment is usually made of fire-resistant material as added protection. According to roof replacement experts, this function is especially important for homes in heavily populated areas or those near flammable elements such as nearby shrubs or overhanging trees. While fire-resistant underlayment won’t make the roof immune to fire damage, slowing the spread of flames can greatly mitigate it.

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