When searching for a contractor for home installations and improvement, homeowners often look toward their friends and family first, or online within their community. Whether it’s on Facebook, Yelp or Nextdoor, it’s always a good idea to ask around to find contractors who do quality work for fair pricing. What you’ll find, though, is that you may not always get the best or most straightforward answer.

The best thing you can do to is know what questions to ask the contractor and yourself.

The Material & Manufacturer

When looking for an installation quote, first make sure you understand what product is going into your home. Ask:

  • What are the specs - do they meet your personal needs?

  • What is the life expectancy and actual warranty of the product?

  • Does it solve your problem temporarily, or is it sufficient and going to solve the problem for the long haul?

  • Is the manufacturer a trusted brand with proven quality products?

The Contractor

If the company carries the product that will best fit your home, you’ll still have some questions to ask to make sure the installation is just as good as the product, and that you and your home are protected.

  • How long has the company been in business?

  • Who will they be sending into your home, and are they background checked?

  • Are they known for doing quality work?

  • How will they treat and respect your home and family when completing the work?

  • Are they properly insured and licensed?

  • What is their process and how quickly will you be serviced?

  • What if there is an issue later on - will they be there for you? What’s the process if something happens?

The Investment Amount

The last question is the one to ask yourself to determine if the price is fair for the work:

  • How does the value and peace of mind you will get compare to the price they proposed?

Remember, you are not just paying for the material and labor. You are paying for the overall experience of working with the home contractor from quote to installation, and then if there was a warranty issue later on, support and service throughout.

Price certainly matters, but there is so much more to consider when making changes and repairs to your home. To schedule a free consultation with a local, trusted home improvement company, call Roofing & More at (703) 828-1620 or fill out this form.