You might think that an asphalt shingle is a simple material. The truth is that a lot goes into making one.

As a trusted Northern Virginia roofing company, Roofing & More makes sure our shingles are of the highest quality. Here’s a guide on how the best asphalt shingles are made.

What Goes Into a Shingle

Asphalt shingles have to be flexible, durable and beautiful. First, the shingle mat where all the other components are attached is prepared. Some manufacturers use organic fibers, while others opt to use fiberglass.

To this base, asphalt is generously applied to both sides. After that is applied, granules are embedded into the asphalt. Each of these granules is colored and shaped, and this is what gives your shingle roofing its color and texture. Lastly, an adhesive strip is added underneath the shingle mat to bind the shingle to the roof once it is installed.

Making the Shingle

When the materials are all gathered, they are fed into a large conveyor belt. The base is the first to go through. It is flattened by a looper, then dried to remove any moisture.

Once that is done, the base is saturated then coated in asphalt. When that coat is finished, the granules are added to each side of the material. It is flattened through a third looper, then put in a cooling wheel.

The shingle mat is cut to the right size and shape. Finally, after the adhesive is applied to the back, the shingle is packaged and later sent to your roofing contractor.

Get the Best Shingles, Installed by the Best

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