Did you know that in 2017,

almost 800,000 complaints

were submitted to the Better Business Bureau? Roughly 6,300 of those complaints were for

roofing contractors

. While some of these complaints may have been unavoidable, I know from personal experience as the president of Roofing & More that communication and the message each customer receives from the company can help decrease this number.

Reducing Customer Complaints

In our ongoing efforts to make the Roofing & More customer experience the best it can be, each customer receives a detailed

video review

of the problem one of our company’s consultants identifies, as well as a general overview of our company and our process when taking on a new job. This is a constantly evolving procedure, as we need to ensure that every customer is receiving the same message, and the entire company can deliver that message. It helps us to identify where any miscommunication began, which of our consultants may need more training and what information is most important to our customers.

I understand that time is incredibly valuable for both the customer and the company, and we all work hard to find the right balance when delivering important information about your home, insurance, our company policies and the quote you are receiving. We never want to let our introductory procedures take too much of a customer’s time, but we also want to make sure that we take enough time to share what matters.

I also understand that this process can seem lengthy and unnecessary to those who are anxious to hear their quote, but in our experience, the time it takes is worth it in making a difference in the opinion consumers have of

roofing contractors

. We never want to be an added number on the BBB customer complaints data sheet, and I am confident that our procedures and commitment to customer satisfaction have aided in avoiding it thus far.

Learn More About Our Company

If you have suggestions on ways we can improve our introductory process with our consultants, I am always appreciative and open to hearing them. Call [company_number] or complete our online form on the right side of this page to schedule a 

FREE, no-obligation consultation

 and estimate. We’re pleased to serve customers in Fairfax, Herndon, Chantilly and surrounding areas.