It is the peak of summer, which means the East Coast’s heat and humidity are at their highest, and we are seeing days of rain at a time. These warm, wet conditions don’t make an ideal environment for our summer activities, but they are great for something else: mildew, algae and mold. If not cleaned, fungi growth can cause problems for your roofing (and potentially your health), leading to leaks, rot and bigger problems in the future. 

The first place homeowners often go when addressing a problem is to themselves, wondering if they can find a solution without spending the money to hire a professional. For home exterior cleaning, pressure washers present an easy fix: fast cleaning, cheap cleaning with low risk. But is the risk low when it comes to your roofing?

Considerations Before Cleaning a Roof

First, you’ll need to consider your personal safety. If you have little experience using a pressure washer or haven’t cleaned your roof before, it may not be the best tool for you begin with. There are already safety risks associated with pressure washers, and many pressure washer dealers stress that you should never climb a ladder to use your machine.

The second thing you’ll need to consider is the power behind your pressure washer. Too much pressure can do more harm than good, pulling shingles away or wearing them down faster. The time and money you save cleaning your roofing yourself may not be worth it in the end if you are replacing your shingles more often.

If you happen to have a pressure washer with a very low PSI and have experience using it, spraying away mold and mildew could be an option. However, you should always consider your personal safety over convenience, and the best options are to do your research and seek professionals, or look to other cleaning methods.

Get Answers From Our Pros

If your shingles are already worn or damaged and you spot mildew, replacing them will do more good than cleaning them. If you have any questions about roof mildew or any other roof repairs, call the home improvement experts at Roofing & More at [company_number].