Roofing & More is 100% committed to protecting your roof, which is why we offer a wide array of roofing selections from GAF, the nation’s leading roofing materials manufacturer. One of our most frequently suggested options for homeowners are GAF Timberline® Shingles with Advanced Protection™ Technology.

Notable Features

Timberline shingles are one of the many manufacturing innovations from GAF. They are composed of multiple layers of materials that provide today's roofing systems with long-lasting performance.

  • Fiberglass mat - The “heart” of the shingle, this layer contains glass fibers precisely positioned to ensure maximum strength and durability.

  • Asphalt - This shingle layer is optimized for excellent performance in severe weather.

  • Filler - This layer is made of premium limestone mixed with asphalt to strengthen the material against strong winds.

When installed during the roof replacement process, an adhesive firmly seals the shingles on the roof. This helps Timberline® Shingles comply with AC438, a standard which addresses long-term shingle performance.

Benefits for Homeowners

Passing the AC438 performance test means that Timberline shingles are able to provide optimal protection from the harsh elements. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that these shingles can resist sun exposure, wind-driven heavy rains and extreme temperatures.

Apart from this, the materials that make up these asphalt shingles are environmentally-friendly. They use less asphalt and limestone than the typical shingle. More importantly, these shingles have a lifetime limited warranty. Because GAF Timberline® Shingles include such generous warranty coverage, homeowners can be sure that their roof repair or replacement is worth the investment.

Roofing & More recommends these shingles because they provide unparalleled protection and aesthetic beauty for any roofing system. For more information, call us at (703) 828-1620. We serve clients in Northern Virginia, including the communities of Alexandria, Fairfax and McLean, VA.