This year, I’ve written a great deal about our commitment to customer satisfaction. In the past few months, we have dedicated more time and energy to improving our company through internal training and a new Customer Relationship Management System. We are doing everything we can to make the entire process of working with Roofing & More a great experience for customers, but there is still one that requires your help: getting to know you.

Over my 25 years in business, I’ve learned that some of the best customer experiences happen when there is good communication between the homeowner and the contractor. Why? Because when there is not, we have seen a pattern of issues/dissatisfaction. I will share three with you.

  1. Communication Issues: Somehow, some way, the communication between you and the contractor gets fouled up.

  2. Unrealized Expectations: Without discussion and good clear communication, your expectations are unrealized.

  3. Potential Surprises: In construction, there is always the potential for surprises (and they usually aren’t the kind you look forward to). You and the roofing company must be on the same page as to the process and assurance that you understand it and are comfortable with it.

Because you feeling comfortable about communicating your needs and asking questions, this allows us to meet your goals and expectations more easily. It also means you will become more familiar with your home and routine maintenance, and know more about the roofing company that is working on your home. That saves time and frustration if you need to make repairs and renovations to your home in the future.

We Welcome Your Questions

Of course, communication isn’t only the responsibility of the customer. At Roofing & More, we take great measures in our hiring process to make sure employees are both skilled at their job, and work well with others – including the homeowners who have put their trust in our services. We always encourage our customers to get to know us – we like questions and sharing our knowledge!

Knowing you have questions and concerns helps us help you have the best experience possible, with complete transparency about who you’re working with and what you’re signing up for. Do you have questions about the inspection or installation process at your home? Are you curious about the products we use and why we use them? Do you have concerns about insurance, the warranty or agreement? Please ask us! Do you have feedback about your experience? Please share it with us!

I hope that no matter the project, you’ll feel like you have a friend at Roofing & More when the job is complete. If you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to call and ask for me personally. I may not always be available for your call, but everyone on our team wants customers to be informed. Give us a call at [company_number].