Lately, we’ve been writing about the importance of quality work and preventative measures to protect yourself and your home after a big storm hits, but what about before the storm? Some areas of your home require preventative measures – things that will protect your home during a heavy storm and give you peace of mind. For instance, if a homeowner has trees on their property that are on the brink of falling, it might be wise to cut them down before a windstorm has the chance to knock them over and cause harm. The same can be done for gutters!

Gutter Precautions

One of the biggest concerns a homeowner on the East Coast has during hurricane season is whether their gutters will continue to work in heavy rain. When a gutter system isn’t working properly, your home is at risk for foundation issues, mold and mildew, and roofing and siding damage, all from rain flowing onto your home instead of away from it.

What causes a gutter system to stop working? Most often, gutters overflow or begin to pull away from the home because they are clogged, or they have been installed improperly. As always, the best way to ensure your home is functioning properly over time is by researching the company you choose and making sure they are dedicated to good practices and safety.

Consider Gutter Protection

There are also other measures you can take to keep your gutters working, including regular maintenance. However, the task of clearing debris from gutters throughout the year is tedious, and even dangerous when a ladder climb is required. Another preventative measure you can take is to have a gutter protection system, like a screen, guard or cover, installed.

Keep in mind that not all gutter protection systems are equal. The right products and the right systems will prevent debris from entering and building in your gutters, allowing the proper flow of water away from your home, even in heavy storms. Your home will be protected from rain, and you’ll save hours of time that you would have spent on a ladder cleaning out your gutters.

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