On average, an asphalt shingle roof replacement project takes only a day or two to complete – if everything goes as planned. In many cases, though, delays can happen, sometimes lasting from a couple of days to a couple of weeks or more.

To keep your roof replacement project on track, use these expert tips from Roofing & More.

Think About Logistics

Some roofing materials have slower shipping times because they’re not always readily available in certain areas. Roofers don’t stock specialty components all the time. If you want an unusual material or color, you might have to wait longer for the project to start.

Be Wary of Busy Season

After winter, roofers become busier because more homeowners are tackling roof repair and replacement jobs they had to put off during the coldest months. The higher the demand for contractors, the harder it is to book the good ones. If you want to finish your project this spring or summer, call us early.

Stick to the Plan

Change orders are sometimes essential, but they always affect project timelines. Avoid modifying the original plan by making scope and/or material changes unless absolutely necessary. Realize that changes, small and big, can prolong your project and make it a bit costlier.

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