If you are a customer or employee at Roofing & More, you may be familiar with our pledge to treat your home as if it were our own when we commit to a project. My goal is for everyone on our team to give honest answers and advice, answering questions as if we were giving advice and suggestions to our own family members. Even if we don’t get hired to work on your home, you can trust you received accurate information on the best possible solution – what we would do if it were our home.

With the frequent spring windstorms this year, we and other roofing companies in the area have been especially busy making repairs to roofing and siding and answering calls for service. Though we wish we could make every repair right away, it is important for us maintain our pledge by taking the time to do a full inspection of every home and provide a detailed recommendation for a repair that will last. We’re not in the business of making temporary, corner-cutting fixes – we wouldn’t want that on our home, and we won’t do it to yours.

‘Never Let Profit Override Doing the Job Right’

The one exception is if we need to make a short-term repair; only until we can schedule the project and return to do the job right. We do this only to prevent more damage to the home or business, until a full, permanent repair can be made.

As the owner and president of Roofing & More, of course I’m in business to make a profit, and provide a career for our employees. But I never let profit override doing the job right. That extends to the time we allot for a project, the materials we use, the skilled and well-trained installers, and our commitment to safety to make sure no one gets injured on the job.

We never let important factors fall away because we’re busy, or so we can squeeze in an extra job or two to make more money this week. Sure, I could make more money, but that’s not how you build a business that lasts – we’re celebrating 25 years this year!