“Sometimes you don’t fully know the value and integrity of a company until it’s tested. Although [company_name]., impressed us with their professionalism when we chose them to put a new roof on our house 12 years ago, it wasn’t until a random act of nature - this week’s Winter Storm Riley - produced 65 mph winds that tore off shingles on houses throughout our neighborhood - that we fully appreciated the wisdom of choosing [company_name].

In order to be a high-quality company and serve your customers well, you have to know the truth about how they feel about you. Here’s what one of our customers had to say.

“As luck would have it, the 12-year warranty on our roof ran out 6 weeks before the storm hit and our shingles were warrantied by the manufacturer for 60 mph winds, not the 65 mph that uncharacteristically hit this area. We were left with a 3 x 3 ft. hole in our roof. I called [company_name] on Saturday and the owner immediately located my purchase and warranty history. After considering the unusual circumstances of the weather and our recently expired warranties, the owners decided to patch the hole the very next day free of charge and were even able to provide the same color and brand shingle originally put on our roof.

“It says a lot about a company when they don’t try to stick it to you when Mother Nature pays a visit. I highly recommend this company.” – Kerry

Thank you, Kerry, for your review. Few things are better than living out your vision, mission and core values. Many companies use these statements as marketing tools, but at [company_name], we live them.

This year, we put a BIG focus on reviews, developing a process that encourages our customers to share their experience with others via social media. We never ask or sway customers to leave positive reviews, but simply allow them to share the truth about their experience with our company.

As a businessman, a very important thing I have learned is that in order to be a high-quality company and serve your customers well, you have to know the truth about how they feel about you, your processes and the way you do business overall.

Many companies are focused on getting “good reviews,” and I believe they are missing the importance of a negative review in doing so. A negative review gives you the opportunity to learn, improve and ultimately transform your business or company into one that serves customers well. While I am incredibly thankful for all the good reviews we have received, I am also thankful for the negative ones, and look forward to reading more customer feedback.

If you need a trustworthy Northern Virginia roofing company now or in the future, please call [company_name] at (703) 828-1620. We’re here for you.