Homeowners must be particularly proactive when it comes to preparing for exterior storm damage to their homes. Hail, high winds and heavy rain can all do a number on a house and create the need for expensive repairs.

Got Storm Damage? 3 Questions to Consider

Since storm damage like warped roof shingles, blown-off siding and broken windows are considered “acts of God” by most insurance companies, the costs of repair and/or replacement are usually covered.

Still, many people find themselves panicked and unsure of what to do after a storm hits and they are left with damage. Here are three questions to consider when choosing a roofing company to handle emergency storm repairs on your home.

  1. Is your insurance company looking out for your best interest, or are they trying to save money on the repairs/replacements to your home? Find a local contractor you trust, who has the experience and is willing to work with your insurance company. You heard us right: Choose the contractor YOU trust rather than automatically going with the guys the insurance company recommends – as those contractors are often lower-cost and lower-quality. This is your right and you have the right to choose your own roofing contractor.
  2. Who’s knocking on my door? Make sure you know who you are working with. During storm season, big companies from out-of-state come into the area and try to pay the little guys to use their name and profit from the work. We call them “storm chasers,” so be sure to thoroughly vet your home improvement company. Anyone who offers to pay or cover your deductible is breaking the law. This is an illegal practice (fraud) that most homeowners don’t know about. If you agree, you will be committing fraud as well! 
  3. How serious is this? Try to get the damage fixed as soon as possible. A few ripped-off roof shingles or a missing piece of siding may not seem like the end of the world today, but in a week/month or so after a few heavy rains and high winds, you could be facing even more serious problems. So, at a minimum, get a temporary repair done until your contractor can complete the work.

Trust Roofing & More for Expert Repairs

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