As the weather gets colder, there is one concern that almost every homeowner has: attic insulation. The first question often asked is this: “What type of insulation should I use?” With the many different types of insulation available today, it can become confusing trying to pick the right one for your home. Consulting a professional is always the way to go, but most companies are going to recommend the product that they provide and want to sell.

For instance, a company may suggest spray foam, despite the lack of air flow, because that is what they specialize in and sell. Companies who carry many different insulation options may try to upsell to the higher priced material. At Roofing & More, we generally recommend loose-fill or blown-in attic insulation for almost any home because it is reliable, can fill cavities and hard-to-reach spaces, and is a great option for those with allergies.

Factors to Consider

This can be confusing, and so finding a company you trust with your best interest in mind is what will really help you choose. Finding the best insulation means more than just selecting a product, and the experts at Roofing & More know what to look for. There are other factors more important than the insulation type to keep your home warm and in good shape.

You’ll need to ensure that air flow is possible, as attic ventilation is crucial in releasing warm air during the summer and preventing moisture. You’ll also need to ensure that enough insulation is placed to block hot air entering the attic from below, keeping your winter energy bill lower and your house more comfortable. These are crucial elements to examine and address for any type of insulation to be effective, and a trustworthy professional will know this.

To answer the question simply: there is no simple answer! The best choice is one that you and a professional find together to get the maximum benefits for your home. The trusted experts at Roofing & More are here to help! Give us a call at [company_number] to schedule a FREE consultation.