The repair or replacement of residential roofing can be stressful and expensive, particularly if the roofing company you choose makes the process more difficult than it needs to be!

Most homeowners trust the roofing contractor they call out for a service estimate to inform them of all repairs that need to be made before the start of the project. While there are times that issues are uncovered after work starts, the majority of roofing companies make an honest effort to document all necessary repairs. However, if a roofer fails to properly inspect your roof and detail all necessary repairs in a written estimate, unexpected and costly repairs can arise later in the project.

The Dilemma: Pay Up or Risk Your Home

Occasionally a disreputable roofing company will not inform a client of certain problems, in order to force the homeowner to pay for additional expenses once construction is underway. After all, who wants to be left with a roof that is partially torn off, or with underlying damage? The homeowner is left in the compromising position of paying up, or risking water damage to their home while they find another contractor or attempt DIY repairs.

The simple way to avoid this dilemma is to ensure you have a full written estimate in hand before a roofer sets foot on your roof. When you have a detailed written estimate, you will have verifiable and binding proof that there will be no additional fees later on. If a contractor declines to provide this written estimate, end the business relationship immediately.

Roofing & More is always pleased to provide a FREE, detailed written estimate to each of our prospective clients. We do this after we have thoroughly inspected the job site, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises for you and our team. Find out how Roofing & More can make the roofing process easy! Call us at (703) 828-1620 to schedule your in-home estimate today.