This time of year, our office is inundated with requests from college students looking for a summer job.  Traditionally the construction industry is a great workplace for young adults – they can work outside, earn and save a lot of money, and they help out home improvement companies during the busy summer season.

We Don’t Use Unskilled Labor

At Roofing & More, we rarely hire summer workers, though. Here’s why: our crews are professional installers and project managers, who have chosen the industry as their career and they approach the work as a profession, not as a job.  Frankly, I don’t want laborers working for Roofing & More, I want skilled craftsmen who have training and experience, and want to grow with our company.

That doesn’t mean college students aren’t professional – it’s that our commitment to excellence for our customers means we don’t use unskilled labor. This is why we usually hire one summer intern every year. This apprentice is someone who is highly motivated and typically considering going into the construction field after they graduate. Working with Roofing & More helps them get a sense of the skill and mental acuity required for the job. We hope that by getting a taste of what it’s like to work for a professional construction company, interns will be inspired to use their skills and knowledge to be a part of the industry in the future, possibly as well-trained salespeople or production managers.

Grow With Us

Sure, often times we may have a roofing helper on a job site, but we strive to hire someone who says, “I can make this a career.” Those who hear me talk about our approach have heard me say, “We grow our own.” I mean that we develop our employees, and that starts from the minute they pass our profile testing, designed to ensure we hire the right people.

Roofing & More employees may enter the company as an installation technician, and they have the opportunity to grow with us, and become a project manager and more.

Years ago, construction was seen as a temporary job – a summer job – on your way to the next step in your career path. We’ve changed that approach. Working at Roofing & More isn’t a temporary job, it’s a career path that includes training, processes, procedures and a commitment to excellence at all levels.

So for the college student looking for a summer job, we may not be the right fit for you right now.  However, when you graduate, and are looking for a job that will challenge you and let you grow into a career, give me a call. I’ll train you, put you to work and whether you stay with us for a decade, or move on after a few years, you’ll be well on your way as a construction professional.