After 24 years as owner and president of Roofing & More, I still climb up on roofs from time to time, but it’s less often than in the past. As Roofing & More has grown over nearly a quarter of a century, my role has evolved. I spend less time on roofing, but even more time perfecting what happens at your house.

Here’s why: My focus today is less about my hands on a project, and more about dozens of hands – those of my team. We’ve come so far thanks to our customers and employees, and in no small part to our processes and procedure. These processes help us still provide a personal touch and meet my high standards, even if my hands don’t physically touch your roof.

Never Stop Improving

I still get involved in projects, and keep my finger on the pulse of what we do. But it’s so I can continue fine-tuning our procedures and training program. We never stop improving, and as roofing materials and construction techniques improve, we also change our processes to make sure we provide the best results possible.

Our processes involve so much more than the construction techniques, though. We have procedures for virtually everything we do. From how we answer the phone and schedule appointments, through registering the customer’s warranty with manufacturers.

Better Than Ever

This month, I’ve added a new procedure, too.  For the next six weeks or so, I’m personally calling every customer after the project and asking about their experience with us. The vast majority of customers so far have said “everything was great.” But there are a few small items that have come up, and I appreciate and value that feedback. As I continue to make calls and get suggestions from customers, our processes will evolve yet again.

You don’t grow a great company over 24 years by doing the same things you did when you started.  Sure, we still put roofs on homes, as well as siding, windows and doors, but we do it better than ever, and so much more.