It’s March, and at Roofing & More that means a great deal of reflection on how we’ve gotten to where we are. This year we’re entering our 24th year in business and while I’m proud, I also feel challenged. As President and founder of this company, I’m overcome by the support I’ve received over the past 24 years from the Northern Virginia community, our customers, my employees and most importantly, my family. Roofing & More wouldn’t still be Roofing & More without this concerted effort and the grace of God because, truthfully, keeping a roofing company running successfully for this long is hard.

Dispelling Stereotypes

Unfortunately, the construction and home improvement industries have a bad reputation for company longevity and integrity. There are too many stories of fly-by-night companies that seem to take customers’ money and run, without regard for best practices or accountability. I’m proud and humbled to lead a company that works every day to dispel that stereotype.

I believe that homeowners should care about how long their chosen contractor has been in business and take extra care in reading reviews and talking to previous customers in order to make sure that they are in the best possible hands.  This is because making an investment in a new roof, for example, is a significant commitment. Will that investment still be backed by the roofing company in 5, 10, 15 years? Will that company hold themselves accountable and continue to take pride in the work they’ve done on your home? Will they honor the customer relationships? These are all important questions, and I’m happy to say that Roofing & More can answer “yes” to all.

I would like to begin our 24th year with a resounding THANK YOU to all who have made it possible. Lord willing, Roofing & More will be here to forge relationships, invest in the community, and improve homes for years to come.