If you’re planning a major home improvement, repair or renovation, you may feel overwhelmed. There are so many questions and decisions involved in the process for something as simple as having a section of siding replaced, or as complex as replacing the entire roof. Many people experience “construction anxiety” when it’s time to move forward with a project. They feel unsettled and uninformed about the process, the price and even their own choices of materials, colors and warranties. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Know the Right Questions to Ask

Find a contractor you trust and you can avoid construction anxiety, and feel excited about your investment. We recommend that you ask any prospective company four questions.

  1. Do you do this kind of work every day? You see, there is a difference between “we can do this” versus “we do, do this.” You want to hire a company that does what they do with excellence.

  2. What is your process? Make sure they have one: a detailed process that everyone at the company knows and follows. Most of the time, a good process equals a good experience.

  3. Do you use subcontractors? This is important because many companies use all subs, and they may have many subs. Some are good and some maybe not so good. “Not so good” causes further anxiety.

  4. Why should I trust you? If they don’t have an answer that puts you at ease, move on to the next one. In many cases this is answered by their actions and by their process: you just know. Beyond their answers, however, it’s important to read reviews and testimonials and take a good look at how their people treat you. Choose to work with a company that exemplifies trustworthiness and integrity from the very beginning. It should be clear from their actions, their words and the people they hire, that you are in good hands.

Our goal at Roofing & More is to build strong relationships with our customers, past and present. We do this by training each and every employee, ensuring that everyone involved is clear about our processes, using mostly in-house trained installers, putting kindness first, and following through on projects from start to finish. This is based on a belief that mutual trust between contractor and client should guide the home improvement process. Set high standards for the company you choose and you won’t be disappointed.

You Can Trust Roofing & More

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