March is a very special month for all of us here at Roofing & More as we celebrate 23 years in business. I am proud, humbled and grateful for the support of my family, my employees, our customers, the Northern Virginia community and – above all – the Lord, for making it possible. As any business owner knows, keeping a company thriving is hard work. For me, a perfectionist by nature, the core challenge lies in always wanting to do more and be better.

That being said, the longer Roofing & More stays in business, the more I ask myself, “What’s next?” This company is a part of me. It is a part of my family. It is an engrained part of this community. I can’t imagine a future in which Roofing & More doesn’t remain an important part of my life in some way, but I’ll have to retire one of these days (not anytime soon – but I do have to plan).

After I’m Gone ...

Reflecting on the past 23 years has led me to be extremely thankful for the legacy I’ve been able to create by the grace of God, a fantastic team and loyal customers. Because of the meticulous employee training process, daily reminders of our core values and mission statement, and the systems put in place to ensure superior work and customer relationships, I truly believe that Roofing & More will succeed long after I’m gone. This is very important to me, because I don’t want it to be about me. I want it to be about you, about our employees and about a message that hopefully will make a difference in the lives of the people we touch, in every area, in every phase of our business of home improvement in Chantilly, VA, and Northern Virginia.

All of this is in no small part thanks to you, the person reading my words right now. Whether you’re a customer of 20 years, a new client or a member of our team, I’d like to extend a personal “thank you” for making these past 23 years incredibly worthwhile.