Without an up-close-and-personal look at your roof, judging whether damage or wear is serious enough to call a professional

roofing contractor in Alexandria, VA

, is challenging. Faced with the need for roof repair, homeowners often wonder if they can save money by fixing the problem themselves. The answer is almost always no, and here’s why.

There are a few situations in which DIY roof repair is possibly acceptable. These situations require a basic amount of roofing knowledgethe right safety tools, and ideal weather (mild, overcast and dry). One or two damaged shingles, some warped flashing, or a small leak with an obvious source can often be fixed in a pinch (though it’s generally better to trust a pro). If you do choose to fix a small roof problem on your own, be sure to have a high-quality extension ladder with multiple attachments to the roof and a safety harness. Always be observant of where you are and where you step, focusing both on the protection of yourself and of your home’s roof.

Why Hire a Professional

While the prospect of saving on labor costs for repair of roofing in Alexandria, Virginia, may seem smart, it can at times cost more in the long run. Many times the entire leak is not addressed the first time and we get the call regardless. There are times when the cost is more after the fact. We have gotten calls from people who need to pay us to correct their well-intentioned missteps. On top of the possibility of paying more, I believe more importantly is your safety and protection. We have the knowledge, high- quality extension ladders and the safety harnesses. Our employees are trained to do it right, and do it safely, both for their protection and for yours.

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