When you invest in a major home replacement, is it important for you to know who is actually doing the work? Many people assume that the

Herndon roofing

or remodeling company they choose stands by legal hiring practices and labor laws, but this simply isn’t always the case.In order to avoid hefty tax penalties and to save money, companies in our industry sometimes hire undocumented workers and misuse subcontractors. Because they don’t take the time or incur the costs associated with proper hiring practices, these businesses don’t monitor whether or not their workers meet the mark 100% of the time. Since we recently celebrated Labor Day, I’ve had the concept of work on my mind and wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

Holding Employees & Subcontractors to the Same Standards

As owner of an exterior remodeling and renovation business, I understand the challenges of the industry hiring regulations, but as always at Roofing & More, integrity and excellence come first. In addition to hiring only legal workers, we never misuse the privilege of hiring subcontractors during the busy season. I started out in this business as an ethical Herndon roofing subcontractor and I believe in a strong, healthy balance between employees and subcontractors on my staff.  At Roofing & More, all employees, hired and contract, receive the same rigorous training and are held to the same high standards.

This may seem like an issue only relevant to those who work within the industry, but I’m here to tell you that knowing the type and status of the people who work on your home can make all the difference in the quality of service you receive. Companies that do not follow federal and state labor and IRS laws can go out of business at the drop of a hat—leaving any workmanship warranties you purchase void.

It’s also important for you to feel sure that the individuals working on your home are well-trained and accountable to company leadership should something go wrong. As president of my company, I know each employee and subcontractor and personally oversee their training. Because of this, you can trust Roofing & More’s care and integrity and expect more from our employees.