To me, September marks the beginning of the next year’s business planning here at Roofing & More. It’s when I start actively preparing for our November business planning boot camp, where our team gets together to plan for the coming year and develop a reasonable budget and set of goals. While I still maintain focus on the day-to-day operations of the company, this time of year is when I start looking at business and marketing costs, calling the insurance company, the CPA, manufacturers and looking at gas and oil price forecasts.

As I go through this process, I’m well-aware of all the different ways I as a business owner can save money by cutting corners.  I don’t, of course, but it makes me think about how much trust must be involved in the relationship between a homeowner and their contractor. When either party cuts corners, everyone loses.

Staying Open & Present Benefits Everyone

Life happens. I realize this as a person and as a homeowner. Many of us have families to provide for, homes to maintain and basic everyday responsibilities to tend to. Balancing family, work and leisure is so vitally important. I know how challenging it can be to stay fully present and open amidst the pressures that life brings.

Recently I went to a potential customer’s home to discuss an Arlington roof replacement estimate. It was an uncomfortable meeting because this gentleman was playing his cards very close to his chest. He wouldn’t open up to me about the amount offered by the insurance company to replace the roof. He didn’t want to tell me anything, or trust what I had to say. He wasn’t willing to meet with me again to discuss the important items every homeowner should know when making this type of investment decision.  Needless to say, I didn’t get the sale and walked away from that encounter feeling deflated. I went home that night and wondered, “Why can’t we all trust each other? Why does it feel like everyone is out to get you?”

Homeowners are so busy nowadays that they themselves find corners to cut in order to save time. I fall into this group sometimes as well, but I try to remind myself to take the time with everyone I encounter to develop trust and a sense of mutual understanding. This is a critical part of running a successful business and at Roofing & More, we want you to know that we never cut corners when it comes to trust and integrity. Call us at [company_number].