“If you are not receiving the level of service you deserve, please contact my manager, Kyle Hoffman, at…” Did you know that every Roofing & More employee makes that sentence a part of their voicemail message? People often ask me why I am so quick to distribute my cell phone number. The reason comes down to accountability and


I personally read and listen to every piece of feedback that comes through the door here at Roofing & More, good and bad. I welcome it, because feedback is what makes it possible for me to improve this business and guide my employees. By giving customers my cell number, I ensure that each client knows that I personally care about their experience with Roofing & More. Don’t get me wrong – my staff is entirely capable of customer relationship management – but I believe that a business owner should never grow out of providing great customer service. It is also important to me that I remain a team player. If a member of my staff falls, it is my job to be there to help them up.

Making Every Client Experience Positive

Depending on how well the service is handled, Fairfax roofing, Fairfax siding, window and door installation and repair have the power to make either a positive or a negative long-term impact. Part of my job is to make every client experience as positive as possible. For example, I recently happened upon a review of Roofing & More on a popular home improvement directory site. These customers were pleased with our service until they noticed a yard ornament that was broken during the job. I called them and left messages three times before finally getting in touch. When we did speak, I asked how much it would cost to replace the yard ornament. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be directly replaced, but Roofing & More offered the customer a Visa gift card for the amount. They then hired us for additional work on their home!

The point is, I do everything I can to make the bad better and the “okay” stellar – including giving my personal cell number to every Roofing & More customer. This is just another way we encourage our clients to expect more out of the service we provide.