Roof replacement is a big investment and there are many decisions to be made for the homeowners who are doing their research. One of these decisions is when to start the project. Is there a best time or best season to get the most for both the dollar and the weather? The answer isn’t quite so simple. “Should I Take the Season & Weather Into Account When Replacing My Roof?”

Some homeowners assume that if they wait to replace their roof until January or February (the slow season for the industry), they will get a discount because of less demand. While this may be true for certain Northern Virginia roofing contractors, it’s important to consider the following: if a contractor needs work in January or February and charges less money because of less demand, there is a high chance that they will cut corners to save money, as the actual cost of materials and labor doesn’t really vary by season. Paying less may mean sacrificing quality and service.

As far as seasonality and weather go, there are manufacturer requirements and recommendations that specify certain temperatures at which roof installation is ill-advised. Some contractors will ignore these guidelines and, in turn, void the manufacturer warranty when the roof has problems in the future. At Roofing & More, we follow these requirements in order to preserve the manufacturer and workmanship warranties. Because we run a good business, we prepare for extreme weather days in advance so that the customer doesn’t pay the price later.

All in all, there really is no “good” or “bad” time of year to replace a roof. What really matters is the integrity and skill of the Northern Virginia roofing contractor who performs the installation. For the best roof replacement no matter the season, contact Roofing & More today at [company_number]. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.