Thanks for a Great 20th Year, and Here’s to a Wonderful 2014! This year in March, Roofing & More celebrated 22 years in business. As a business owner, I am proud, humbled and grateful for the support of my family, my employees, our customers, the Northern Virginia community and – above all – the Lord, for making it possible. That’s not to say the past 22 years have been without frustrations or challenges. As any business owner knows, keeping a company thriving is hard work. For me, a perfectionist by nature, the core challenge lies in always wanting to do more and be better.

At Roofing & More, we make it a part of our company culture to avoid complacency. Every day, every month and every year, we work to improve the way we run the business. This means improving employee training methods, bettering the way we interact and communicate with customers, and reevaluating the technologies we use to make business happen. We will never be satisfied with today’s success.

I remember attending a seminar once and the speaker said, “Close your eyes and think about your business. I want you to think about your employees, their families, your family and all the people who are impacted each day by your company. Now I want you to think about the community’s small businesses that you spend money with that improves the lives of their employees and families. This creates an important ripple effect. Now think about how much farther that ripple effect will go if your business becomes even more successful.” Ever since then, I’ve made it one of my goals to continuously expand Roofing & More’s ripple effect into the Northern Virginia community and beyond. This takes focus and an intentional drive to do better every day. Just as we urge our customers to “expect more” from their Northern Virginia roofing, siding, door and Northern Virginia window replacement contractor, we expect more from ourselves.

I’d like to extend a personal “thank you” for being a part of Roofing & More’s 22-year history. Here’s to many more!