A roofing system that is in good condition is one of your home’s best defenses against unnecessary energy waste and structural damage. Whether you just bought an older home or have lived in your existing home for a while, you will at some point wonder if and when it’s time to replace your Alexandria roofing. The answer depends on a number of factors, including roof age, original quality of shingles and other system components, number of leaks, etc.

In general, homeowners should start thinking about replacement when a roof gets to be older than 14 years – but like every rule, there are exceptions. If your roof is in that age range (and even if isn’t), look for the following signs when deciding if you should start considering roof replacement.

  • Shingles that are curling, splitting or cracking. Does your roof look worn, even from the ground? Cracked and breaking shingles may be to blame. Unless you have a window that provides close-up visibility of the shingles, you may not be able to safely inspect the roof for these problems. In order to investigate safely, have the roof assessed and inspected by a professional.
  • Shingle granules in gutter splash blocks. One way to see if shingles are in bad shape without jumping on the roof is to check the splash blocks under the gutters’ downspouts for shingle granules. These tiny pieces of shingle wash first into the gutters and then onto the blocks.
  • Algae and fungus. Even shingles originally deemed “fungus resistant” tend to grow algae and fungus when they get too old. The growth may look like green moss, dark mildew or white lichen.
  • A damp roof underside. If the underside of the roof deck is damp or stained, this may be a “red flag” of pending roofing system failure.

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