Roofing & More Employee Spotlight: Rigo Salazar Project Manager Rigo Salazar is a longtime member of the Roofing & More team, having been employed for the past 16 years. Rigo’s job responsibilities include managing a professional roof replacement crew, ensuring top-quality workmanship and achieving an optimum level of customer satisfaction. He believes his greatest strength is the focus and energy he puts into providing nothing but top-quality results. “I take great pride in the roofs I replace,” he says.

Rigo appreciates being valued as a member of the Roofing & More team. “This company listens and cares about my safety and the input I have on all projects,” he says. “That is something I haven’t seen before in this line of work. I feel like I have a voice.”

He believes Roofing & More is set apart from other Herndon roofing companies by a commitment to communication, communication and more communication. “Not only between the staff, but with the customers too,” says Rigo. “We keep in contact on a daily basis to ensure that customers are aware of the status of the work being done to their home.”

“Rigo’s attention to detail makes him the right person for the job,” says Kyle Hoffman, president of Roofing & More. “Because he has been with the company so long, he knows how we do business inside and out. He has a great attitude and wants to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Originally from Mexico, Rigo has been married for 16 years and has three sons ages 16, 12 and 3. His family is his proudest accomplishment. “They are everything to me,” he says. “My long-term goal is to work my hardest to ensure that my three sons have the opportunity to go to college and have promising professional futures.” If he could go anywhere for a day, he would go back to Mexico and visit his family.

During his free time, Rigo enjoys playing baseball with his friends, watching soccer on TV, and relaxing and watching movies with his family on the weekends. His favorite sports team is the New York Yankees (although his son thinks he should be a Nationals fan). His favorite place to dine out is Pablos – “they make my favorite fajitas!”

If Rigo could give others one piece of advice about life, it would be this: “Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” Thanks, Rigo, for being an important part of the Roofing & More team!