To protect your home and ensure that you and your family are safe, you need to find a great contractor for your roofing or home project. Last week, we discussed the basic requirements you should look for when evaluating and comparing contractors, such as proof of licensing, bonding and insurance; the ability to offer warranties; and recent references.

Now let’s take a look at more factors that set a great contractor apart from the average Arlington roofing contractor.

  • A contractor that installs a top-quality product with a warranty demonstrates that he is not just interested in making a sale, but in providing a system with the longest possible service life.
  • By performing a detailed inspection with pictures and video of your roof, a contractor empowers you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make the best decisions for your situation.
  • When needed, a great contractor will take the time to conduct an attic inspection and provide you with pictures of his findings.
  • If wood rot is identified in your home, a contractor should discuss replacement of the rotted/soft wood to prevent structural damage.
  • A great contractor identifies and inspects not only known problem areas, but also those that may not have been addressed in your initial discussion.
  • The contractor you hire should take measures to protect and care for outdoor landscaping.
  • A great contractor has a safety plan in place and is willing to make special considerations for children and pets during your project.
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Stay tuned next week for Part Three, when we’ll discuss what you should expect from a company’s employees and the procedures they follow when roofing in Arlington.

Download our printable Contractor Comparison Guide.