Macro of the word qualityOne of my favorite Roofing & More events is our annual January kickoff meeting, when the whole team comes together to review the facts, figures and triumphs of the previous year, and plan for the coming one. We look at all the ways we’ve succeeded and the ways in which we missed the mark, and devise ways to do better and do more.

Whether it’s discovering new customer service techniques, new technologies or new ways to serve the community, the team at [company_name] is always trying to give our customers and community the very best. This means our commitment doesn’t stop after the job is done. The “best” really means leaving a legacy of quality long after we’re gone.

I’ve always maintained that the words a person or company uses are very important, so I tend to consult my dictionary frequently to make sure the words I choose accurately reflect my purpose. According to Merriam-Webster, quality is defined as “a characteristic or feature that someone or something has; or a high level of value or excellence.” I wholeheartedly believe that Roofing & More encompasses both definitions of the word. Here’s why.

One of the defining features of Roofing & More as a company is our reliance on knowing a system, following that system, and educating the customer about buying decisions with honesty and expert knowledge based on what is important to them. We know that it isn’t just about the durability of the product, but the level of excellence of the whole experience. From scheduling to installation to follow-up, we make sure that customers enjoy the comfort and peace of mind they deserve.

2015’s kickoff meeting generated a variety of exciting ideas and goals – and I can’t wait to make this a year to remember along with you, our valued customer. Don’t hesitate to offer your own feedback on how Roofing & More can better serve your Northern Virginia roofing and home improvement needs this year and in years to come.