Last month, we evaluated the benefits of choosing premium roof shingles when building a home or replacing a roof. We learned that for many homeowners, spending more on high-quality shingles provides a better return on investment thanks to better curb appeal, enhanced safety and durability, and more complete warranty protection. This month, it’s time to address your roof’s companion, the peanut butter to its jelly: siding.

Is the extra cost for a premium siding product worth it? It depends on what you, the homeowner, want most to accomplish. Price per square foot varies widely, sometimes even within the same product style. But the things that really count (and often add to the cost) are what’s under Arlington siding and the quality of the installation.

Just about every homeowner prefers low-maintenance options when it comes to things like roofing, siding, windows and doors. The ultimate premium, easy-to-maintain siding choice is fiber cement. Durable, hail-resistant and color-safe, fiber cement siding tops the list for homeowners who want traditional plank siding with more appeal than vinyl. Fiber cement also pairs well with proper insulation, which is installed on the wall prior to the actual siding to maximize energy efficiency.

The caveat that comes along with fiber cement siding is that you will not experience its many benefits without proper, expert installation. This is especially true when the siding is paired with insulation or different types of house wraps and taping, as shoddy installation can lead to moisture build-up on the exterior walls, expansion and contraction issues and eventually even lead to serious structural damage. This is just as true for homes with vinyl, wood or aluminum siding, though the longevity and maintenance needs of those options are less optimal than fiber cement.

Choosing premium siding is also about choosing a premium Fairfax siding contractor to install the option that fits your style and maintenance needs. Call Roofing & More’s Fairfax siding experts at [company_number] to discuss your options and schedule a free consultation.

Later this month, look for an “Ask the Expert” blog about premium windows and doors!