Are the upper levels of your home always hot, causing your air conditioner run non-stop during the summer? If so, the problem could be something other than your A/C system – the problem may lie with your Sterling roofing system. Improper attic ventilation is an issue the Roofing & More team encounters frequently during the summer months, when homeowners become frustrated by poor indoor climate control. Temperatures in an underventilated attic can reach 150 degrees or higher on hot, humid days. This heat will radiate into unfinished attic space and then into the finished levels of your home, causing excess heat upstairs and increasing the air conditioning costs of your home.

Not only can heat build-up in an attic make living spaces uncomfortable, moisture may also accumulate in the ceiling and walls that separate the trapped hot air from cooler air. Just as condensation forms on a glass of cold water placed in the hot sun, condensation can build within your roof and drywall, greatly increasing the likelihood of mold growth, dry rot and structural failure over time.

Attic Ventilation Options

When paired with a ridge vent, soffit intake vents draw cool air into an attic and keep hot air rising up and out of the ridge vent. Another attic ventilation option if your home does not have adequate soffit ventilation is an attic fan. However, a ridge vent and an attic fan should not be installed on the same roof. Finally, consider installing additional attic insulation to prevent heat from radiating to lower levels, interfering with the established roof ventilation pattern.

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With a proper ventilation system in place, hot, moist air from your attic is able to escape, dramatically decreasing the temperature in the attic as well as extending the life of Northern Virginia roofing. If you suspect improper attic ventilation may be a problem for your home, call Roofing & More today at (877) 398-4555 to schedule an evaluation in Herndon, Reston, Chantilly, Sterling or any surrounding community. We look forward to making your home more comfortable!