With all the precipitation we’ve been getting the past few weeks, it is definitely not the perfect start to summer. As we move forward, we can expect more this weather from time to time. It looks like the weather condition varies from time to time for Arlington and the rest of Virginia. According to this report from the ABC7:

Only one more day of this same-old weather pattern we've had all week. We'll end the week with another very muggy day; although, we'll see a little more sunshine today than we saw yesterday. With the added sunshine, plus an advancing cold front, scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop later this afternoon and evening.  Again today, flash flooding is a possibility with the ground already so saturated.  A Flash Flood Watch is in effect from noon through late this evening.   Overnight the cold front slides through and ushers in much drier air. It will turn breezy overnight and will stay a bit breezy through Saturday.

As our primary line of defense against all kinds of weather conditions, our homes - specifically our roof - takes a lot of abuse on a daily basis and as such, it might not be able to cope up if left unmaintained or unrepaired.

Minor damage can turn into huge, costly ones if left unattended. A broken roof isn’t going to provide the protection you need as it allows leaking and excessive moisture inside the home – both of which may lead to further dilapidation and other water damage to your furniture and appliances.

Let’s prepare our homes for these downpours with a thorough inspection of our roof. Contacting roofers in Arlington like Roofing & More Inc. is always the wisest choice.

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If the need arise, we can also replace the damaged shingles with top-quality materials from manufacturers like GAF, that set the standard for quality and durability.

For unmatched roofing in Arlington, call Roofing & More Inc. to secure your home against nature’s worst.

(Article Excerpt from Washington D.C. Weather Forecast: One more warm and muggy day, www.wjla.com)