In Virginia alone, hundreds of existing homes are sold each year. reported that the median home price in Arlington stands at $514,500, up by 6 percent over the last year. There are indications that buying is getting a boost as the average time on the market for a house is currently 50 days - down by 15 percent from a year ago.However, while each transaction is different, every owner wants the same thing -- the best possible deal with the least amount of hassle and complexities like disclosure statements, extensive and complicated form agreements, and a range of environmental and legal concerns.

It's crucial to appreciate a home through the eyes of a prospective buyer and determine what part of it needs touching up or refurbishing; do you need to repair the door or replace the window? The goal is to present a pleasant-looking home, as this attracts demand from sales prospects. Perhaps ask yourself: If you were buying this home what would you want to see, and what parts of the house need improvement? Would you need the services of a contractor for replacement windows in Arlington VA to check on your windows? CBS News sought the opinion of real estate agents:

Exterior work on a property, from new siding to replacing windows, dominate the list of projects that offer the biggest bang for your buck. They offer the largest return because a potential home sale can be made or broken on the exterior alone, real estate agents say.

7. Wood replacement windowsNational average cost for wood: $10,926Return on investment: 79.3 percent

New windows look sharper, insulate a home better, save on energy and, for buyers, avoid the cost and hassle of doing upgrades. Wood is the preferred trim finish, but other replacement window projects also pay off. A more upscale version costs $16,798 and has an ROI of 74 percent. Vinyl window replacements cost about $9,978 and have an ROI of 78.7 percent, while a more upscale version costs $13,385 and has a 76.6 percent ROI.

Aesthetic and functional improvements such as a

window repair in Arlington VA

often are good investments and will certainly add more appeal to your home. Contact companies like Roofing & More and you can schedule a free in-home consultation so you can get an estimate for your prospective improvements. This spring, the company is offering great savings through plenty of promotions for every kind of customer so make sure to visit their website today to get more information.

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