From painting the front door to reroofing, there are hundreds of home improvements to increase the overall appeal and comfort of your home. However, not all improvements are created equal. Some will boost a home’s value and give you a large return on investment (ROI), while others could actually put a dent in value. Here are a few of the best mid-range home improvements for 2014, as reported by Remodeling Magazine.

  • Steel entry door replacement. Many potential buyers judge a house by its exterior, so exterior improvements such as garage and entry door replacement is a simple way to improve curb appeal with a relatively small cost out-of-pocket. ROI: 96.6%
  • Window replacement. This is another smart upgrade that immediately increases curb appeal and makes a home appear more valuable, all while improving energy efficiency – another big selling point. Replacement with wood windows will cost slightly more than vinyl windows, but the return on investment is also higher: 79.3% versus 78.7%. ROI: 78-79%
  • Siding replacement (vinyl). The clean, crisp look of vinyl siding remains one of the best choices for Northern Virginia siding. It offers a high ROI, yet is the most affordable siding option – a smart choice if you’re planning to sell your home in the near future. ROI: 78.2%
  • Roof replacement. Investing in a quality roof that protects your home and family is always money well spent. This cost vs. value estimate is for asphalt shingles. ROI: 67.6%
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