A chimney is often one of the most neglected components of a home, which is why 99% of homeowners overlook the crown on their chimney when it comes to home maintenance. A chimney crown is the top element of a masonry chimney, designed to protect the chimney from water damage and keep your house dry. It is not something you think about because you can’t see it from the ground. When a chimney crown is cracked, it allows water to seep in. As that water freezes and expands, it literally “blows out” the brick and mortar from the inside out, resulting in extensive damage and expensive repairs.

There’s a simple way to prevent this from happening to you. If your existing chimney crown is deteriorated beyond repair, have it replaced with a new mortar cap crown, then have a “flex crown” applied after the mortar sets and cures. If the existing mortar cap crown is in good repair, have a flex crown installed over it. This innovative acrylic product flexes with the expansion and contraction of the mortar cap crown, eliminating cracks and water infiltration into your home.

It’s a simple, inexpensive repair that can extend the life of your existing crown by several years and save you thousands of dollars in chimney replacement costs.

At Roofing & More, we recommend adding flex crowns to existing caps that are not yet cracked for the sole purpose of extending chimney life. Let us help you avoid extensive and expensive chimney replacement that will be needed when something as simple as a chimney crown is forgotten or overlooked! For your peace of mind, give our Herndon roofing experts a call today at (877) 398-4555


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